Currently Accepting Applications for CNA’s & Care Attendants

Diamond Willow Assisted Living specializes in care for seniors with advancing medical, physical, memory care and Alzheimer needs. With industry-leading staffing ratios, we have led the way in creating a smaller setting, with the ambiance of home. Truly, a fabulous alternative to a nursing home. Welcome to the next best thing to home. Diamond Willow is an alternative to a nursing home for those with advancing memory care, physical care, or medical needs. We are committed to honoring seniors with defined cares as the aging process progresses.

Our goal is provide care through end of life care, to avoid another move.

Diamond Willow’s CEO Natalie Zeleznikar at the Alzheimer’s Association Hope Luncheon
Our Assisted Living Model Was Designed for my Grandma, Hazel in 2004. Since 2004, we have provided memorable care to over 1,000 seniors in ten northern communities. Sometimes big is not always better. When seniors face the last chapter in their book of life, they appreciate a smaller setting for higher care needs.

Diamond Willow Assisted Living encourages the “decorations” of home in each apartment site. With fewer people under one roof, our assisted living feels like home. We honor personal routines for daily schedules and provide industry-leading staffing ratios. To the world you may be one, but, to one you may be the world.

We recognize and value our employees. Our employees are the anchor for all the amazing cares we are able to deliver in our assisted living model. As minimum wage increased in 2015 to $9/hour, we adjusted our wages, with additional incentives to assure we maintain the “cream of the crop.” It is extremely expensive to run our operations. 85% of expenses are payroll, taxes and insurance. However, we believe you get what you pay for and our employees are worth more than gold.


Diamond Willow Support Services Office
Assisted Living With Memory,
Medical and Physical Care
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