Why Opt for a Person-Centered Senior Living Community

Senior living communities offer a sense of belonging and community to their residents. The senior residents of a senior living community feel less isolated and the many stimulating activities offered at senior centers have an overall positive impact on their health. However, a large number of seniors living at one facility may mean they do not get the individual care and attention they need and deserve.

A person-centered senior living community offers a tailored and holistic approach. It promises a higher quality of life by engaging its senior members in the decision making process. Person-centered care has changed the culture of care giving institutions for the better. It encourages bonding between staff and the residents, resulting in an elevated level of care. Following are some important benefits of a person-centered living community:

Intimate Individualized Care

A person-centered facility encourages close relationships between the caregivers and the senior residents. Every senior has his unique medical and emotional needs. By assigning residents to the same care staff for a long period helps the staff get better understanding of a senior’s needs.

Sense of Independence

Person-centered living communities adopt democratized approaches to decision-making. The residents get a sense of autonomy and personal control. Your senior loved one’s preferences in food and activities are kept in mind while making personalized plans for them.

Homelike Atmosphere

Person-centered facilities make it a point to provide their residents with a place they can call home. By using relaxing and pleasing interior designs, lights, colors, furniture and furnishings, a homelike atmosphere is created. This instills a sense of belonging in the residents of senior centers.

Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Person-centered caregivers assign stimulating daily activities to seniors. It reduces their boredom. Activities like gardening, painting, book reading and listening to music helps give them a sense of purpose and a reason to be excited every day.

Better Quality of Life

The individualized care and attention a person-centered center provides significantly improves the emotional and physical health of its residents. Better quality of life leads to improved satisfaction and increased life expectancy.

These are significant reasons to opt for a person-centered living community.


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