Why an Assisted Living Tour is Important?

Handing your parents or loved ones to an assisted living facility comes as a big investment and an even bigger responsibility. After all, we all want the best for them. Therefore, it is crucial that you arrange a thorough tour before sealing the deal so you can be better aware of the facility and what it offers:


The staff is going to be helping the person you love after they move into the facility. You should not only observe how they treat you and your parents during your tour but also how they interact with actual residents. Are they patient? Is their attitude positive? Are they friendly and courteous? You should also meet the management and see how they behave around their employees and residents.

It is also important to note the daily activities in which the staff is involved. Not all facilities offer the same level of care, as some will expect more independence from their residents. You should also be aware of what the staffing pattern is for the home.


During your visit, find out what types of activities are offered and how often they are conducted. If possible, pay a visit to the assisted living facility during one of their scheduled events. Check to see how well attended it is and if the residents and staff are enjoying their time. Do the activities they offer to meet your parent’s interests? If possible, let them participate and gauge their reaction.


Assisted living facilities should have an outdoor area that is easily accessible and secure for the residents to enjoy. Make sure you tour the area to ensure your parent or any other senior loved one will enjoy using it. Ask if they offer outdoor activities in these areas as well. It doesn’t hurt to inquire if these areas are used by the staff during breaks.


Despite all the activities and outdoor areas, the most important thing to note is the cleanliness of the area. Often, furnishings will be spotless while windows and baseboards go by the wayside, indicating a lack of fastidiousness. Don’t be ashamed to ask how often housekeeping services go through the residents’ living space and if laundry services are provided, how often, and at what cost. Smells can be an indicator of a temporary problem if they are isolated to one area. However, if there is an odor throughout the facility, there could be a larger issue.

The factors highlighted above can only be properly assessed with a tour and hence make the decision easier while you can rest assured your loved ones are in safe hands.


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