Why an Active Social Life Can Be Beneficial for Health for Seniors

It has been proven that seniors who stay socially active as they age are healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. Often, losing their independence or the death of their spouse or friends could make a senior feel dejected and their life becomes dull. This is why it is important that seniors stay socially engaged. In fact, there are many other benefits they can enjoy:

  • According to a study published by Harvard University, seniors who have an active social life live longer. They are able to avert the usual causes of death among the elderly population, which means they can enjoy greater longevity. The study concluded that social activities were as beneficial for seniors in this regard as exercising.
  • Most seniors are used to the everyday routine of working 9 to 5. Once they retire, they realize they have little to do at home and eventually boredom sets in, which ultimately leads to frustration. An active social life can fill the void in their lives and they will be much happier in retirement.
  • Most importantly, an active social life is the perfect preventative measure against depression. The number of seniors dealing with depression in the US alone is over 6 million. This is one problem which hasn’t been highlighted as much as it should be. Because the seniors are no longer able to enjoy the quality of life they once did, they feel depressed and dejected. This is a serious concern and one which needs to be addressed. Being social can help with this.
  • In addition to preventing depression, an active social life can be a source of mental stimulation for seniors. This will help keep their mind alert and sharp and possibly help in preventing age-related memory loss and other mental illnesses.

So, as you can see, an active social life is a must for all seniors. If you have a senior at home and feel he/she is lonely and dejected, perhaps shifting them to an assisted living facility will help where they get to interact with other people from the same age group.


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