What’s the Right Time for Assisted Living?

As an adult who is taking care of an elderly loved one, at some point the option of an assisted living facility may become a reality. Everyone needs help sooner or later. It is a tough decision to make and should not be taken lightly, and more importantly should also not be a decision that is taken without the consent of your parent(s) or loved one(s). Ask yourself the following questions to arrive at a better decision that you are comfortable with.

The first and important question to ask is does your elderly parent need more help from you than you are capable of giving? This is a tough question that needs to be answered honestly. Sure, you love your parents and would do anything for them but if your day is completely filled with stress and the feeling of being besieged by everything that needs to be done, you need help. This is not only for your benefit but for your parents’ wellbeing as well. By you being completely overwhelmed and at the point of breaking every day, what type of quality of life are you giving to your parent(s), whom you are caring for?

Are you concerned for your elderly parent’s safety? The older they are, the less mobile and resilient their bodies become. What will happen if your parent is in a position of falling and not being able to get up on their own?

Does your parent seem depressed? This is common for elderly people. As their ability to be mobile and take care of themselves declines, they can feel isolated. Being alone most of the time can easily lead to depression.

The reality is no one likes the idea of an assisted living facility and needing elder care help, the child or the parent. But assisted facilities offer 24-hour care that you and your family realistically can’t give. A quality assisted living facility will develop a plan designed specifically for your parent’s needs. By utilizing that facility for your elderly loved one, you are not only ensuring their physical well-being and safety, but you also help curb their feeling of isolation.


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