Help Your Parents – 5 Ways of Easing the Transition from Assisted Living to Memory Care

Aging parents have the tendency to be forgetful, which could lead to the beginning of a serious memory decline. This cognitive impairment begins to affect your loved ones on a daily basis. Sadly, this is when you need to make a decision for your loved one.   

Luckily, there are five ways you can make the move from an assisted living facility to a memory care center easy for your loved one!

1.     Talk about the Transition

Talking to your loved one about the transition is the most difficult part. There are two ways of breaking the news to the person who will be going through the transition.

If the circumstances allow you to make a gradual transition, opt for it. If this is the case, you can take your loved ones to the memory care so they can interact with other residents. Spending time with the residents can be beneficial for your parents, as they will become accustomed in a progressive manner.

However, not everyone can delay the transition to a memory care center. In this case, you will have to move your parents to a memory care center right away. Telling your parents a loving lie can be the way, as they will begin to forget it due to their memory loss.

2.     Talk to the Staff

The transition from assisted living to memory care can be easier if the staff is aware of your parent’s habits, personalities and likes or dislikes. Most centers use the team approach to take care of the patient. If and when the staff has been informed from before, your loved one will feel more comfortable and will find it easier to adjust into a new environment.

3.     Talk to Your loved one’s Doctor

Talking to your loved one’s doctor is the most important thing to do in this situation. When transitioning from assisted living facility to a memory care center, parents undergo anxiety, which may lead to health issues. Doctors can prescribe your loved ones an anti-anxiety medication for a smoother transition.

4.     Keep the Early Visits Short

As cruel as this may sound, keeping the initial visits occasional and short is important. Visiting your parents all the time can make it harder for them to adjust in their new setting. Your parents will want to see you around all the time, which can make it hard for them to adapt to a new lifestyle. However, you must stay in touch with the memory care center staff to stay informed about your loved ones at all times.

5.     Do Not Feel Ashamed

When moving your parents from an assisted living facility to a memory care center, many people can criticize you. Despite the judgment, nobody knows what the person who is suffering from memory loss is going through. There is no need to respond to the criticizers, as they will not understand your position.


Moving loved ones from an assisted living facility to a memory care center is an important step. Although, it may seem extremely stressful, it is for the betterment. If you are interested, check out our assisted living facilities.


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