The Role of Technology in Senior Living

A relatively new concept, assisted living has become the ideal lifestyle for many senior citizens who yearn for independence, but also require some extra assistance with their daily living. In such settings, older adults are mostly up on the most recent gadgets and technology, hence requiring facilities to look for ways to include modern tech into their procedures and programs. Let’s look at the role of technology in senior living, and what the industry’s future may look like.


An ever-present part of life for many, including seniors, the internet is found to be used by 50% of adults aged over 65 in the US. For this reason, many senior living facilities not only provide their residents with access to the internet, but also offer classes to facilitate seniors with skills on how to surf the web.

With its usefulness for staying in touch with family and friends, the use of web for social media sites among older adults rose from 22% in April 2009 to 42% in May 2010, as per Pew’ study. Through Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, adults can maintain close contact with family and friends far and near.


The use of the internet has seen a rise due to more people using mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. Besides the reasons mentioned above, these gadgets can also offer mobile health technology to seniors. Applications loaded with exercise and health programs help track calorie intake, and can be used to maintain contact with medical professionals in case of distress.


Technology is showing no sign of slowing down and much speculation is going on about the robotic technology that might become part of the assisted living facility. Currently, engineers and scientists have developed ‘’bots’’ that could be of great help to seniors.


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