The Importance of Selecting an Assisted Living Facility that Offers Memory Care

70% of adults aged 65 or above require long-term care, as per research from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Once our dear ones cease to live independently, we have no choice but to seek help of caregivers. Two of the most rapidly growing types of senior care include memory care and assisted living. However, there are some assisted living facilities that combine the goodness of memory care with their regular services, and can be of great benefit to its members.

It is important to go for an assisted living facility that also offers memory care for many reasons, the first one being personalized care. Memory care aims to provide care that is personalized precisely according to the needs of each individual. It takes their memory issues into consideration, unlike facilities that don’t. The staff also interacts with members on a personal level, inquiring about their interests, likes and dislikes.

This ultimately has a positive impact on the patient’s health, especially if they are experiencing some kind of medical condition, like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Since staff workers are especially trained to deal with and care for patients with memory problems, they can efficiently interact with them and get them to participate in activities and other social events.

Effective memory care often involves arranging for activities, both planned and unplanned, which stimulate the mind. Often, these activities are designed to fit each individual’s needs, which can help them with their confidence and social interaction levels.

Lastly, assisted living facilities that offer memory care provide a balance of safety and freedom. Residents don’t feel as if they are trapped, and can move around independently without compromising on their safety.

The benefits of memory care in an assisted living facility are countless, and worth considering especially if your loved one suffers from mental health issues.


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