We are honored you are considering working for our team. We seek to hire those who are passionate about seniors and caring for those with advancing medical, physical, memory/Alzheimer’s needs. You are the heart of all we do. Once selected to join our team, we expect 100 percent of your presence with our seniors, therefore all cell phones must be locked in the medicine cabinet unless you are on break. WE believe our seniors deserve your undivided attention while on the clock as paid time. Why?…… Because we all work for our seniors, they are the employer.

Unfortunately, every now and then a great employee is terminated after multiple warnings as they fail to follow this cell phone policy. Our residents and our family members come first and therefore we adhere to this policy and we trust you would want the same for those in your own family.

As a past nursing assistant, I am excited that you are choosing healthcare over other employment opportunities. You will learn so much caring for our seniors. The best lessons I learned over the years are:
1. Remember no senior wants to be rushed, so go slow, and be patient.
2. Remember to extend a handshake, smile and always get at eye contact level.
3. Remember to think of everything you do to get ready yourself to look great…… bath, brush teeth, select clothes, comb hair, find shoes, put on lip stick, select a sweater if chilly, drink enough water, eat meals, have snacks, attend activities, and go to the bathroom when needed. Now, remember most of our seniors need us to remember all these details for them. You are their eyes, and ears and without you anticipating their needs they may not ask for anything. Why?….. Because many have memory loss and forget these details.
4. Remember compassion is always necessary. We have designed the very setting we will all likely someday need our self. Be kind. Be the kind of co-worker everyone wants to work with.
5. Remember even our family members are on social media….. never post anything that could be disrespectful or without good taste/judgement as it usually always comes full circle and becomes very public.

As many adults would say, “One’s maturity is often measured by what they choose to post publically”. So I strongly encourage all employees to act as mature adults and never talk negatively about a co-worker on social media as this too breaks down a team. If you have suggestions or concerns, you should deal with them at work with the proper people involved. If you are unable to resolve conflict 1:1, then ask your supervisor for assistance. If you need further assistance you can call human resources at 218-625-2317 and a plan for resolution will be developed.


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