4 Reasons Why Assisted Living is the Right Option for Seniors

Is the health of your loved one declining? Does he or she find it difficult to perform tasks they could previously accomplish like simple chores, getting dressed, taking shower or cooking meals? Does your loved one seem depressed or lonely?If your answer to any of the above questions was a “yes”, your loved one has lost his or her ability to remain independent. Don’t feel sad, everyone has to face this time, someday you’ll grow old too and the same thing will happen to you. Wouldn’t you want to be looked after and cared for when you lose your ability to perform routine tasks on your own?

Surely, you will and that’s why we suggest considering assisted living. When it comes to quality of life, wellness and social life for seniors, assisted living facilities are better than living at home. Why is that the case? Let’s get right into that.

1.     Personalized Care

The needs of every individual are different that’s why there is no standard protocol to care for seniors in assisted living facilities. Professional caregivers ensure that your loved one is supported at a personal level. For example, if your mother’s feet hurt while walking, she can be provided with a wheel chair to aid mobility.

2.     Safety

Research shows that every nineteen minutes, a senior dies from a fall. According to the NCOA, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury in older adults. The facts clearly show that seniors are not cared for properly at homes, otherwise, the figures won’t be this extreme.

In assisted living facilities, professional caregivers supervise the older adults to ensure that they do not trip or fall because of losing balance. You can’t pay attention to your loved ones 24/7, but professional caregivers are always there to attend to the needs of your loved one.

3.     Social Interaction

Research shows that about 6 million elderly Americans suffer from depression. The reason for depression in old age is that the elderly spend most of their time alone thinking about the past and there’s no one there to talk to them. An active social environment is vital for wellbeing of older adults.

Most assisted living facilities offer social activities for older adults to help them break free from their boring routine and make new friends. Interacting with other seniors gives a new life to older adults.

4.     Handling Emergencies

No matter how much you try to care for your loved one, accidents can happen. It is always hard to handle emergency situations and you have to call medical professionals for assistance. At assisted living facilities, medical professionals are available around the clock to handle emergencies. Your love won’t be in any kind of danger from emergency situations as help will provided to him or her immediately.

You might be thinking why you’re risking the wellbeing of your loved one when there are assisted living facilities available that can provide effective care to him or her. If you’re looking for an assisted living facility, we suggest you check out Diamond Willow Assisted Living.


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