Payor Sources

For those with private pay, the premium base monthly care package generally increases annually 3-5% in each community. The rents increase in February in every community.

The monthly care package is generally less than a traditional nursing home or 24 hour in home care. Our care model will cost more than traditional assisted living by design. We are designed with a higher staffing ratio and fewer seniors under a roof in order to assure quality outcomes for higher care, memory, medical or physical care needs.

For those on medical assistance, Elderly waivers, they have a shared companion room with a rate set by the State for room and board (called GRH- Group Residential Housing). Then each month our support service office bills the State for the care needs of your loved one based on the caseworker assessment. It is critical if your loved one is nearing only $5,000 in assets to contact social services in your county for an assessment to enroll in medical assistance. If a resident has a high monthly income, they may need to pay for a portion of their care in addition to the room and board rent. This is often called Spend Down or Waiver Obligation, so be aware that you may need to pay more than the rent rate.