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September 2016

As we enter another Minnesota season, the air is crisp and leaves will begin to change color. It reminds us that change will occur whether we are ready or not. The leaves are beautiful, and they remind us that colder days are ahead, and our new favorite color will need to be “white”.
Like the seasons, life changes continuously.
•    When you are a child, you look at the clock and time stands still.
•    When in school, you can’t wait to be 16, and drive.
•    When you are old enough, you can’t wait to get a job, and have your “own” money.
•    When you graduate from high school, you can’t wait to start your future.
•    When you start your future, your responsibilities start.
•    When your responsibilities start, you look forward to your saved week(s) of vacation.
•    When you get an apartment, you can’t wait to get your first house.
•    When you get your first house, you appreciate what you didn’t have to maintain when you rented.
•    When/If you have kids or pets, you can’t wait til they no longer keep you up at night.
•    When/If your kids or pets are no longer with you, you wonder how the years went by so fast.
•    When you turn 50, you realize the AARP cards start coming to your house.
•    When you get to celebrate birthdays into your 60’s 70’s, 80’s and beyond, you realize you have acquired many possessions, and start trying to determine a plan to downsize.
•    When you finally retire, you realize how fast every decade went and wish time went a little slower.
•    When we arrive into our older ages, we actually look forward to a nap, unscheduled days, peace and the opportunity to have no responsibilities. This is the gift of older age.
So, celebrate your birthdays and learn to celebrate change. Nothing stays the same, but change ends up bringing new opportunities in every decade. Change makes us all grow. Change gives us the opportunity to form new friendships and to consider volunteering. Change uses our talents, and stimulates our brain.

Let your light shine,

Natalie Zeleznikar, CEO



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