Making the Transition to Assisted Living Smoother for Your Senior Loved One

When it is time to move your elderly loved to an assisted living facility, you need to ensure that he is comfortable and relaxed. It can be physically and mentally daunting for the elderly to make the move. Nothing is harder than to move from your home, leaving behind familiar faces and surroundings and settle in a completely new place. Therefore, it is necessary to take some steps to make this transition as smooth as possible, such as the following:

Thorough research

It is very important that you conduct a thorough research and take a tour of the assisted living facilities available. You have to keep in mind things like the distance of the facility from your home, the quality of services provided, the safety of the facility as well as the behavior of the staff.


Communicate with your senior loved one. Listen to their concerns and needs, and keep them in mind while selecting the assisted living community. Try to answer all their questions patiently, and work with them as transitioning could be a taxing prospect.

Plan ahead

Planning would really help streamline the process. From packing the bags to preparing the paperwork, planning ahead is very important. And, if possible, take your senior loved one to the tour of the facility, to familiarize them with their new surroundings.

Family support

Since this transition can be hard for your beloved senior, it is important that their entire family is there to encourage and motivate them. It is also equally important that you and other family members visit them regularly at the assisted home facility to make things easy for them.

Home away from home

A very good way to make your senior loved one feel at home is to decorate their assisted living unit the way their room was back home. Pack some of their favorite things as books, paintings and decorations.

Hopefully these trips are going to help make the transition to assisted living smoother for your senior loved one.


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