Why Hygiene Is an Important Factor When Selecting a Nursing Home

It is of utmost importance that nursing homes maintain a high standard of cleanliness and personal hygiene for all their residents. Poor hygiene in a nursing home can often be a cause of serious health complications for the patients living there. This can be especially dangerous for patients suffering with debilitating diseases such as cancer – where even something as simple as a cold can lead to massive medical complications. Moreover, the bacteria and germs all over the place can also affect the senior citizens under care, compromising their immunity, which will exasperate their medical complication. The increasing age of elder patients further inhibits their body’s ability to counter such diseases.

Many infections found among nursing home residents are attributed to poor hygienic conditions. In addition, nurses and other staff members neglect providing optimal care such as changing bandages, diapers, etc. which is something that can also lead to medical emergencies.

The physical environment is also an area of concern for nursing homes where proper hygiene is important. Bathrooms and shower areas need to be sanitized on a regular basis to avoid germs and diseases to spread among other people there. The kitchen and dining area should always be kept nice, clean and sanitized.

The nursing home’s staff often fails to recognize the importance of hygiene given their lack of training and basic awareness. Many times, due to understaffing, employees may come under excess workload and may simply forget to carry out their necessary duties to ensure they provide professional care when it comes giving patients a bath, serving them food, etc.

For example, not washing hands can lead to numerous problems such as infection and other types of problems that sensitive patient will not be able to bear. Training is therefore a big must when it comes to successfully running a nursing home.


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