How to Make the Transition to Assisted Living Smoother

The reason most seniors resist the thought of moving to assisted living is because they are used to a certain way of life, having lived in the same home for a number of years. Research shows 70% of seniors move to assisted living centers from a private home, which is a major change keeping in mind the stage of life they are at. This is where their families have to play a role in making the transition to assisted living smoother. Else, there is a chance your senior loved one would want to go back home as soon as they get there. Here are a few basic tips you can follow:

  • Start by getting a floor plan of the apartment or living unit where your senior loved one will stay after moving to the facility. Show it to your parent or relative and tell them about the space they will have to themselves. Also, point out the features which have been installed there to make life more comfortable for them. In addition, mark out the spots where their furniture will be kept. Assure them that the furniture will be small and easy to manage.
  • Take your senior loved one on a tour of the facility a few days before they are scheduled to move. This way, you can introduce them to the staff and even some of the residents. Point out the facilities and amenities which they will be able to benefit from when they are living there. Have someone in a position of authority speak to your loved one to put their mind at ease.
  • Pack all the stuff your elder loved one is attached to, which can include books or their mobile device. Also, if your parent or relative has a pet, make sure you choose a facility which allows them to keep pets. This will ensure there won’t be much difference between their current lifestyle and life in the assisted living facility.

These are some of the tips you can follow to make the transition to assisted living smoother for your senior loved one.


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