How to Decorate Your Senior Loved One’s Assisted Living Home

With an increasing population of aged people, there is not only need for efficient décor in assisted living facilities, but there is the whole senior population out there who can enjoy the daily functionality and ambiance. If you decide to surprise your loved one with a decorated room, good for you! The first adjectives that come to mind before getting started are safe, functional, convenient and comfortable. For further decorative pointers, read on.

Bring Along What Is Truly Special To Them

The first step to ensure your loved one will be comfortable in the new environment is not through cluttering the place with showpieces, paintings or furniture, but bringing along the things that are special to them. Although do remember that the place will be a lot smaller than your own home, so stick to the most important stuff. This may include photos, books and décor.

Be Creative with the Arrangement

The only way you can do this is if you first take into account the layout and size of the room. Bringing a small yet cute love seat may be better than bringing a whole sofa set and crowding the place. Also, remember to keep things simple and convenient. Perhaps bring movable furniture to save space?

Prevent Slips and Falls

Ensure that walkways are clear, and no cables, wheelchairs, canes or unsecured rugs are lying around which may account for tripping hazards. Consider cable management products or tucking the cords behind furniture to properly secure them.

Avoid Edged and Glass Furniture

Although visually pleasing, glass and edged pieces of furniture can cause accidents and injuries. When picking out the furniture, go for smooth edges, and plastic material that blends nicely with the room.

Make sure your decorative choices reflect your loved one’s personality overall so they can be most comfortable in the environment.


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