How to Convince Your Parents for Assisted Living

You may be considering the option of assisted living for your parents but have no clue on how to approach them about the subject. The key is not to impose your decision but just present it as an idea. Explain your choice of action and give them some time to make a decision.

Assisted living can be scary for many seniors who are not sure what goes on behind the care center’s walls or may think they are just fine to handle everything on their own. Whatever the reason, don’t be pushy. Do your research and casually talk about different options of assisted living at the dinner table and tell them how fun and easy it could be. If the discussion turns negative, drop the subject for a while. Wait for the right time and opportunity.

Look for ‘example’ moments. Did your mother break the dish, or nearly slipped? Take the opportunity and explain how this could have been avoided had she been at a personal care facility. You could also wait for your parent(s) to complain about how lonely or tiring or boring it gets at home. Bring up the subject and explain to them how they can make new friends have new experiences and a great time at the facility. Show them real-life examples, such a group of elderly enjoying a game of cards, or ask your friends’ parents (if there are any) to boost their confidence.

Clear their misconceptions and fears. Many parents have different fears about assisted living. Fear of the unknown, unhealthy surroundings, expensive cost, insufficient care, etc could be bothering them and hindering their decision. Confront them and negate their fears with the relevant explanation. Once you are through that, give them enough time to decide and don’t cling to the matter. Wait as long as it takes.

So, keep these tips in mind and you will be able to convince your parents for the assisted living.

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