A Few Helpful Tips for Moving Your Loved One to Assisted Living

Change is never easy, especially for older people. If you are planning to send a senior loved one to an assisted living facility, here are a few tips to keep in mind, which will smoothen the whole transition period for both parties:


Leaving your home and loved ones for an alien assisted living facility is bound to trigger apprehension and sadness in your loved one. The best way is to let them vent and grieve about this decision and upcoming change. Try to make the discussion more appealing by bringing in the benefits and perks provided by the facility and explain to them how they will get to make new friends and live a brand new and interesting life.

Plan Properly

Before starting the organizing and sorting process, it is a useful idea to provide your loved one with a visual representation of what they are getting into. Plot out the floor plan of your loved one’s new residence or give them a tour in advance.

Involve Relatives

Although this may be relatively hard, involving your relatives and close friends in the whole transition process will greatly help your loved one. Encourage everyone to take out time and just be present while your senior family member prepares to leave. This will provide great emotional support and ease the stress of moving.

Make Their New Abode More Inviting

Before your loved one shifts to their new home, make sure it is welcoming. Decorate their new residence with their favorite items, bunch of family pictures and proper means of communication (like a cell phone or computer). If they have specific habits, like morning walks or preferences when it comes to breakfast or lunch, make arrangements with the facility to provide them with what they need.

So, follow these tips and make it easier for your senior loved one to move to and settle in an assisted living facility.


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