A Guide to the Future of Assisted Living

As the economy changes, so do the realities of assisted living. It is no surprise that senior care facilities are responding to the changes in socioeconomics, which means that both providers and consumers have to get creative and look outside the box. Keeping in mind the overall trends, here are some predictions regarding the future of assisted living.

Rise in Technology-Enhanced Care

Personal care robots are just one of the amazing examples of the type of technology expected to revolutionize assisted living care. There are numerous options that promise health, safety and quality of life for seniors. For example, smart computer systems that keeps track of vital signs and medications to wireless networks, which in turn provide mobile support to residents in care facilities.

Increase in Multigenerational Housing Choices

Seniors who can’t afford or don’t want to move in a community are now looking for more independent lifestyle options. One example of this is multigenerational housing where a family pools their resources and either moves into places that’s designed for both older adults and young families or amends their present home to suit different generations.

More Lifestyle Perks and Amenities in Conventional Senior Housing

With expected increasing costs for assisted living options, more traditional types of housing have begun that offer a broad variety of amenities to attract potential residents, from cultural and lifestyle-based communities that cater to Asian-Americans or LGBT seniors to a wide array of recreational options, such as cultural events, educational opportunities, and fitness classes.

Greener Senior Living

Environmental awareness is causing a stir in assisted living facilities where seniors are encouraged to be more environmentally minded. Facilities and homes are LEED-certified, and different greener methods, like energy saving appliances and lighting, are used for saving both money and the environment.

So, these are some changes you can expect in assisted living in the future. Keep these in mind, you can make informed decisions when selecting an assisted living facility for your senior loved one.


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