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convalescent home facilities duluthOur model was built for my grandma Hazel in 2004. Suddenly she was bed bound with shingles, and end state heart failure and required 1-2 staff for all her direct care needs. Suddenly, she needed 1:1 cares at times to feed her, and to assure she was safe as she no longer had self-preservation skills. As a family, we provided the resources and/or hired outside caregivers to come to her apartment at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living.

At Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living, our sister facility, they are not designed to provide 1:1 cares in the apartment for sudden change of life conditions. After six months of staffing for her higher care needs we recognized the long term implications. Having 24 hour care can cost 10-20,000 per month depending on how many employees are needed. Therefore, a new plan and concept evolved to care for my grandma. Truly, one grandma did change the world and how we delivered care.

A local architect was hired and a mini-Keystone Bluffs was designed for seniors who loved the assisted living model. However, required a higher level of care for the next chapter of life. Since 2004, Diamond Willow has cared for over 1,000 seniors through end of life care. Sometimes big is not always better. When seniors face the last chapter of their life, they relax when are comforted by a smaller setting. One grandma changed the way we provide care. Now, we have ten years of history creating a fabulous alternative for seniors with higher care need desiring an assisted living environment.

I started as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in 1991, and ultimately was blessed with assisting in designing something for my grandma and all those seniors who followed since 2004. As a past nursing assistant who often cared for 7-15 people on a shift in my group, I can see the value of a smaller setting with fewer seniors for each aide to care for. This generation has given so much to all of us, and now we are able to make their last days as great as we can.

Truly, our number one priority is to give our seniors a great ending in their last chapter of their book of life. There is nothing more important than caring for those who gave the future generations the opportunities we use daily. Now, I am able to give back and create amazing teams in every community with passion and service.

-Let your light shine

Natalie Zeleznikar, CEO

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator


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