Little Falls, MN Assisted Living

There are two homes connected with a community room link. Each home as ten suites. The census varies between 10-13 per house depending on double occupancy at any given time. Little falls was built in 2008.

Staurolite: 1401 5th Avenue NE, Little falls, MN 56345- House phone number 320-616-2845

Lindbergh: 1405 5th Avenue NE, Little Falls, MN 56345 – House phone number 320-616-2848

RN Director of Staurolite and Lindbergh Suites: Sara Kleinschmidt

For Little Falls Admissions call: 218-591-7541



Diamond Willow Support Services Office
Assisted Living With Memory,
Medical and Physical Care
1411 London Road
Duluth, Minnesota 55806