Common Obstacles to Assisted Living and How to Overcome Them

Leaving your home and moving to an assisted living facility is not as easy as it may seem. Following are the most common obstacles faced by seniors and ways to overcome them:


Some of the seniors, before permanently (or for a long period of time) moving to an assisted living facility may wish to sell their house. When doing so, it is important to first understand how the market works, including current listings and competitive pricing in your locality. Get an overview of this information through or better still visit your local, certified real estate agent.

If you are to be moved instantly to a facility and are at a loss of time to complete the lengthy paperwork of house sale, you can go for a bridge loan. Elderlife Financial can help you out with their unique line of credit to provide interim financial assistance for skilled nursing and assisted living.


As per the study of Genworth Cost of Care, an apartment under an assisted living facility can cost up to $43200 a year. If you don’t have money readily available, you will need to understand your options through careful research and planning. These options include private and public programs and VA benefits. Check out these benefits on You can also look into social security benefits, and seek help from care advisors to properly explain you the pros and cons of various long-term care insurance policies.


Wrapping up a phase to begin a new one can be extremely daunting and requires efficient, professional and reliable sources of solutions to handle the relocation, liquidation of possessions and downsizing. Caring Transitions remains the leader in providing the best and most trusted services nationwide, with a complete set of relocation support services.

These are some ways in which you can remove the hassle involved in moving to assisted living for your senior loved one.


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