Checklist for Selecting the Right Retirement Home

Also referred to as a nursing or old people’s home, a retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens, including a range of amenities, from hospice and care, to meals and gatherings. Choosing the right retirement home can be difficult and a little overwhelming due to an extensive variety of homes to choose from, but prioritizing your needs along with other basic questions can be helpful.

THE COST OF LIVING: Finance is most important factor in deciding anything, but go a little further and also compare the state income tax or homeowners insurance rates applied.

ARE RESIDENTS FREE TO MAKE CHOICES? Becoming part of a retirement home may sometimes mean loss of independence.  Different care homes offer different levels of independence, and it is crucial you ask them before getting involved. Ask questions like ‘can we choose what time to eat and sleep, and what to eat? Can we decorate our rooms? Are residents allowed to go outside anytime they want?’

ASK FOR OTHERS’ OPINIONS: Ask facility home’s residents and alumni about their experience, good and bad qualities and suggestions for a reputable and quality-service providing retirement home. Don’t rush into things. Hear what existing residents have to say.

LOCATION/DISTANCE FROM FAMILY: It is important to choose a retirement home built in a nice area with a friendly surrounding and proper infrastructure. Also consider the distance from family. Would frequent visits be feasible or costly? Also consider the visiting hours.

HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICIES AND CERTIFICATION: Find out if the medical and safety facilities are certified by the Medicare and Medicaid and how long have they been certified. Does the care centre have a general physician, what are their qualifications and are current residents satisfied with the level of care?

THE RESIDENT CARE PLAN: As the medical and care needs are likely to vary from resident to resident, the facility should be able to cater to them. For instance, there should be clear plans of treatment and care, along with qualified people attending to the needs of the residents.

These are some pointers you should assess a retirement home against before making the final choice.

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