Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

Assisted living and nursing homes both fall under the category of residential care where senior citizens are given an opportunity to live and be assisted with the daily chores. The major difference, however, between these two is that the former is for individuals requiring minor care while latter is for high supervision and extensive care. There are several other features that make the two options distinct from each other.


A standard room offered under assisted living facility costs around $2400 to $4950 whereas nursing homes can cost up to $4410 to $11710 a room. The difference in cost is explained by the high level of supervision and care offered. Shared rooms in nursing homes are relatively cheaper. Furthermore, nursing homes are almost always covered by Medicare or Medicaid, while assisted living facilities are neither covered by parts A or B of Medicare. Rarely, however, some programs do pay for this facility.


Some assisted living facilities provide meals and light housekeeping, minor medical supervision, 24-hour supervision, social activities and security, personal care assistance, transportation and emergency call systems. Nursing homes accommodate with considerable medical and personal care, meals, security, 24-hour supervision and emergency call systems.


While people residing in assisted living require no special care, nursing homes are designed for those who cannot care for themselves and have serious physical or mental health issues.


On average, an assisted living facility has 54 units ranging from small houses for single residence to large facilities with hundreds of apartments. On the other hand, nursing homes have around 108 beds, and are typically seen as ‘hospital like’.


Both nursing home and assisted living facilities provide its residents with recreational activities like swimming pools, classrooms, gyms, movie theatres, indoor games like chess, cards, board games, as well as offering arranged trips.

The decision between selecting a nursing home or an assisted living facility depends on the healthcare needs of a senior.


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