Assisted Living vs. Home Care: Why Assisted Living is a Better Option

When your senior loved one fails to handle daily life tasks on their own, such as eating, toileting and running errands, the best solution is to seek in-home care or external care in the form of nursing homes, assisted living and senior care centers. Many people think that assisted living is quite similar to home care, but that is untrue to a good extent.

Assisted living is kind of care facility that helps senior residents with their daily tasks while allowing a certain level of independence. This type of facility does not typically offer daily medical service, unlike a nursing home.

As a resident of an assisted living, your senior loved one becomes a member of the community, which then enables them to partake in various social circles, community activities, and helps them form a routine. Assisted living facilities offer housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and some medical services. The purpose of these facilities is to offer their residents mobility, safety and activity. However, assisted living could mean loss of privacy and independence.

Home care is different from care offered at an assisted-living facility. It is like having a trained professional help a senior family member with their daily chores, 24/7. Many people prefer the comfort of their own home and value the privacy factor. However, home care could mean living with other family members or relatives, and that may be annoying or intrusive.

Most assisted living facilities have tiered programs, and their price range is diverse, depending on the service. On the other hand, the cost of home care is also dependent on factors, like the number of hours, the type of service and the difficulty of tasks (depending on the senior’s health condition)

Both options are great, but assisted living is better as it helps the senior member explore their surroundings, make new friends and gives them a chance to engage in different self-fulfilling activities. These facilities are the perfect balance of independence and dependency and so are a great option for older people.


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