Is Assisted Living Facility Right for My Loved One?



If you are living with a person with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or any other disease that borders around dementia, you may have thought about putting your loved one in an assisted living facility that provides memory care. The question you’re faced with in such a scenario is:

“Will the assisted living facility be able to provide effective care to my beloved?”

Living with a dementia patient is not easy as caring for them continuously can disrupt your routine, cause sleep deprivation and worsen your physical health. Sometimes, we’re left with no choice but to take our loved one to an assisted living facility, but, honestly, these facilities are better for dementia patients regardless of what others may say.

We’ll enunciate why that’s the case and what makes an assisted living facility the right place for your loved one.

1.     Preventing Falls

Most dementia patients face trouble balancing and often fall due to lack of balance. This especially happens when the disease is in later stages. If you live with an old dementia patient, you may not be a stranger to such events and may have witnessed your loved one falling.

You can’t always be with your loved ones and when you’re away, a fall can be fatal. In an assisted living facility that provides memory care, there’s dedicated staff that takes care of all the patients. You won’t have to worry about your loved one falling and not having your support because the staff there will take care of them.

2.     Put an End to Wandering

Three out of five people with Alzheimer’s will wander. Wandering patients are at risk of injuries due to accidents, and we have all heard stories of dementia patients dying because they wandered off when no one was watching. These stories are heartbreaking, but they teach us a lesson to never leave our loved ones alone.

But that’s not possible when you have to go to work. This is why assisted living facilities are a much safer place for dementia patients where doors are kept locked and the staff is there 24/7 to ensure that no patient wanders off.

3.     Handling Aggression

Aggression in Alzheimer’s patients occurs suddenly and with no apparent reason. It can be hard to handle aggressive behavior and often professional help is required to calm the angry patient. Assisted living facilities have professionals who can effectively handle aggressive dementia patients without harming them in any way.

Your loved one can damage himself/herself or others in the home so memory care might be the right option to protect your loved one and others from harm.

4.     Addressing Healthcare Needs

It can be hard to address the healthcare needs of a dementia patient and a time might come when you’re unable to provide effective care to your loved one. You don’t want to forego treatment of your loved one just because you are busy, and you cannot get stressed out or feel anxious when your loved one needs you. But, it can be hard to always be available to address the needs of your loved ones.

That’s why an assisted living facility is a better option for your loved ones where he/she can be given nursing care.

If you’re looking for an assisted living facility that provides memory care to dementia patients, we suggest you contact Diamond Willow Assisted Living. They address all the special needs of dementia patient so you can rest assured that your loved one is in safe hands.


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