BUILDING LAYOUTS at Diamond Willow

residence photoOur building layout features a 1,000 square foot great room in the center of the home. We have secured wander guard bracelets for seniors with memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease to wear if desired for a monthly add-on fee.

Our buildings have a complete sprinkler system throughout the building. Our Assisted Living Facilities also have central air through the great room and corridor. Residents, due to age and health condition, are generally cold so we did not put direct venting in the resident rooms for this reason. Even in the summer months, I will see residents wrapped in blankets and sweaters. Our goal is to keep the humidity down in the homes and make it as comfortable as possible for seniors. Therefore, as staff or family members, it may not be your desired temperature you would have in your own homes. Most seniors choose to keep their resident doors open allowing the conditioned air to flow in. We have theatre bands that can be attached to each resident room to help prevent those who wander from entering the wrong room. Many of our seniors love to have fans, as it is familiar and they grew up with this background white noise, and many of our seniors have fans in their rooms year round.

kitchenYou may elect to purchase at your own expense a window air conditioning unit that directs out of the apartment window and keeps the air inside at the desired cool temperature.

Here is a floor plan of a typical community: Diamond Willow Floor Plan




Examples of our shared room layout in our communities.  DW shared room photo 1 DW shared room photo 2


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