Diamond Willow Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living Facilities - Diamond Willow Advanced Assisted Living MinnesotaOur Assisted Living Facilities – Premium Care Package includes 3 meals per day, medication administration, housekeeping, laundry, cable TV. For those with advancing memory/Alzheimer care, we provide physical care or medical care needs.

Our Assisted living Model at Diamond Willow has a full-time RN Director who completes all resident assessments prior to and after admission to determine current care needs. The assessment has a point total for all medical and physical care needs.

Assisted living Facilities -Diamond Willow Advanced Assisted Living MinnesotaOur premium care package allows a generous allotment of points customizing care without add-on charges. For those desiring a private room, there is generally a private room differential daily charge. We offer both private and companion-shared suites with varying charges.

Assisted living Facilities | Diamond Willow Advanced Assisted Living MinnesotaFor those on elderly waiver (medical assistance), a case worker will determine the care needs and then as a site, we bill the state of Minnesota for those care needs. However, the resident is always responsible for the monthly rent, set by the State of Minnesota each year. This rate is currently $891 per month and this allows for a companion-shared suite. If the family selects a private room, they have the opportunity to pay the monthly fee from their own resources. If a resident is out of the facility for hospital stays, etc. the State of Minnesota does not pay the provider.


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