Assessing Your Parents’ Needs before Moving to Assisted Living

Seniors do not want to let go of their independence and freedom. So, do not expect your aging parents to tell you they need assistance or help. It is important for you to have a close relationship with your elderly parents so you are aware of the signs that show their need for a caregiver. By paying attention to their health, appearance and social interactions, you can gauge if they need help.

If it is apparent that they are better off in an assisted living facility, you need to make sure they are registered with a facility that suits them the best. By carefully assessing your parents’ needs you will be better equipped to discuss their needs with the prospective assisted living facilities, and enable you to pick the most appropriate one. The following factors can help you better assess your parents’ needs:

General Health

Do your parents have any major or chronic disease that needs constant medical attention? Do any of them have had a stroke or a fall-related injury? Answers to these questions make assessing your parents’ needs easier. You need to know your parents’ detailed medical history before you go on a senior center hunt. Select a facility that can provide the all important medical aid and care.

Personal Hygiene

You can tell how much help and assistance your parents need by observing their ability to maintain adequate personal hygiene. If your parents have a hard time bathing, dressing, toileting or grooming, they need an attentive caregiver. Find a facility that can offer that.

Mental and Cognitive Health

Carefully observe whether your parents can make grocery lists and able to pick the right items at the store. Do they often forget the names or close family and friends? Do they have a hard time remembering their home address and phone number? It is important to assess their ability to remember things.

House Work

Assess whether your parents can perform routine daily tasks and housework or not. Their ability to prepare meals, vacuuming, cleaning dishes, washing clothes and trash removal can let you know the degree of care they need.

Mobility and Transportation

While looking for a suitable assisted living facility, you need to keep in mind your parents’ mobility. Factors like whether your parents need canes or walkers to walk and their ability to drive themselves to the doctor or to the market are important considerations.

All these things will help you greatly in assessing your parent’s needs before moving them to assisted living.


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