Aging Gracefully With Assisted Living

assisted living facilities

Memory care and assisted living

assisted living facilities

As you start to age, you may observe you also require memory care due to a decline in certain cognitive  functions.  As we age, it is normal for memory loss to occur. However, sometimes concerns for memory care bring about the prospects of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Your cognitive abilities may decline or you may be as witty and vibrant as Betty White from Golden Girls. She certainly makes us realize how important memory care is.

Practicing Memory Care

Practicing a healthy lifestyle and having a proper routine and planning a future taking aging into account will help in nurturing memory. Many researchers have actually found evidence that reading to senior citizens or reading on your own actually aids in memory care and other cognitive abilities. Listening to the words, having to recall vocabulary or theme of the story helps in growing your synaptic receptors and forming more neurons in your brain. This helps with memory care.

Furthermore, listening to music along with dancing allows them to move their body and brain muscles.It helps with memory care and helps them in improving muscle memory and gross motor skills. Puzzles, bingo and learning how to cook etc. Such activities revive your senses and guide towards maintaining memory care.

One of the most helpful is interacting with your family, being playful and telling stories and recalling past stories from their youth. Making albums or scrap books to ravel in the memory of their past life and legacy. All such activities and many more help with memory care.

However, sometimes, taking care of your memory on your own is not enough. This is where assisted care and assisted living comes into the picture.

Assisted living

Assisted living is provided to those senior citizens who need full-time care. With time, many senior citizens need help with dressing, medicines, taking medicines but may not need full time nurse. Licensed nurses, professionally trained care givers are employed at assisted living houses.The seniors can live peacefully with respect and get the prompt care and live their life according to their needs. Many have private rooms while others may share suites with a companion.

For the more unfortunates, the state provides a set fund for their care giving at such assisted living homes. The monthly rent and hospital stays have to be covered by the residents. So, the ones who are still young choose wisely and save some for the having a comfortable assisted living home care.

assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities

If you are lucky enough to have a family that care you will get good care packages as part of you assisted living facilities. Usually assisted living offers various packages and facilities are offered accordingly. These facilities include getting meals, freshly baked goods around the assisted living home, cable TV, laundry, etc., there are many other assisted living facilities that are provided to the seniors.

assisted living facilities

Senior apartments

The ones who are blessed to have a fit body, presence of mind and are healthy enough to live independently can consider moving to senior apartments. There are various forms and names given to are seniors who live in senior apartments. Senior apartments come in various forms culture, facilities and lifestyle.They are known various names, including retirement homes, manufactured homes, independent living, and senior apartments that are age restricted. Each has its own services to offer for the seniors.

Senior apartments are basically like a village community for the senior citizens. It provides facilities like taking you for grocery shopping providing medical facilities and perhaps even security,housekeeping preparing meals, etc.The important point is to get educated and visit each type of senior apartments before choosing and make sure it suits your lifestyle, has your type of community members, services and number of rooms you need.

assisted living facilities

Convalescent Homes

Convalescent homes are recovery homes for senior citizens who may have had surgery or some other medical procedure and may need professional care for a short period of time.Convalescent homes help in rehabilitating the elderly patients towards quick recovery.

Your Golden Age and Assisted Living

As you start to age your needs, mood, memory, likes and dislikes start to change and along with it. You experience changes physiologically and emotionally as well. If you are fortunate enough to be active enough to spend your golden years independently that’s well and good. Nevertheless, you do have to think of considering about your future in assisted living homes. Not everyone can have the Golden Girls dream life; even they must have considered assisted living at some point in time. Hence, options should be kept open.


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