ACTIVITIES at Diamond Willow Assisted Living

At Diamond Willow Assisted Living, we care for those who would generally otherwise be in a nursing home. Most of our seniors are frail and therefore our activities are adjusted for their endurance and interest level. Sometimes seniors feel like participating in activities of small groups, large groups or 1:1's. Every day is different.

Generally, every morning, we have current events to review the weather, and read the paper. We have a paper delivered to each home. If seniors want their own paper delivered, they can order that separately. Many seniors love to sit in the great room and listen to staff read the paper, or read the funnies. Generally, most love to participate in exercise and simple stretch. Exercise may include ball toss, etc.

Every day in the afternoon, the staff has an activity with the residents. Because we serve those with memory loss, every day is different. Some days, it may be nail care, music entertainment, movies and popcorn, happy hour, baking, coffee and reminiscing, birthday parties, indoor/outdoor walks, bingo, simple card games, etc. The staff log the events daily and also log who is attending so we have a general idea on who likes various activities.

Some days, our seniors are tired and want to take multiple naps. This is something we will likely not understand until we ourselves are 97. However, I do firmly believe that this generation understands being content and they don't want every second structured. They know how to enjoy a cup of coffee and visit and watch the fire or the birds. They did not grow up being entertained 24/7. I have had many seniors tell me," I have led the choir, made crafts my entire life, sewed, knit, and I am perfectly fine doing nothing for once!"

Of course, everything in life needs balance. There are times when we all love conversation and entertainment and there are times when peace and quiet are a gift too. It is all about keeping and honoring the balance they need as they decline.