Activities for Seniors at Assisted Living

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So you think that you would get bored at an assisted living center? You are wrong, since there is a lot to do once you have settled down.

Assisted living centers realize just how important it is for seniors to interact with each other, socialize and develop relationships.   Meaningful activities ward off depression and help fight stress. Fitness programs improve mobility and overall health. Engaging activities will help you with cognition, social stimulation, frustration and loneliness.

Obviously, these activities do vary from one assisted living center to another, but here are some of the most common ones of them.

Fitness Activities

Fitness is of utmost importance, no matter what your age, and assisted living centers in Minnesota are well aware of this. Generally, fitness programs feature fitness assessments, health goals, exercise advice and nutritional plans. Most assisted living centers come up with customized plans for each resident, considering their fitness and state of health.

  • Tai Chi – Tai Chi is a stretching routine that improves motion range and balance, while relieving stress.
  • Yoga – Yoga classes at assisted living centers are especially designed for seniors, and can be taken even if they have physical limitations.
  • Wii Sports – These are interactive computer games, including bowling and dancing that can either be played informally or as a tournament.

Pet Therapy

Got a love for animals? You can enjoy some days with special guests pets that spend time with residents, and keep them entertained. Usually brought to assisted living centers for a limited time period, these pets can include fish, ponies, cats, dogs or a horde of other friendly animals.

Life Story Workshop

As the name implies, a life story workshop helps you preserve your life story through memoirs and scrapbooks, which you create during these sessions. You are directed by a team of local experts and activity directors.

Performance Art

Art is always interesting whether it is singing, dancing or even some kind of play. Flash mobs, karaoke and classical plays are becoming common at several assisted living facilities in Minnesota.

Cooking Demonstrations

If you can still prepare meals, then cooking demonstrations are a great option. You learn new recipes and try out interesting new cuisines. And don’t worry, there is always help around, so you don’t have to do all the cooking by yourself.

Music Therapy Programs

These sessions are conducted by music therapists who stimulate cognitive learning in a small group of seniors. This is particularly helpful for those who avail memory care facilities.

Cards and Dominoes

The traditional form of entertainment – card games and dominoes are still enjoyed by many seniors at assisted living centers.


Some assisted living centers offer sports facilities for active seniors. These include badminton, tennis and basketball. Separate games are held for seniors restricted to a wheelchair.

Chess and Checkers

Both are widely played by seniors, forcing them to rev up their planning skills.

Road Trips

Assisted living centers take out seniors every once in a while to popular attractions such as beaches, resorts, museums and the like.


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