5 Reasons Why Assisted Living is One of the Best Options for Senior Citizens with Memory Issues


Even though there are many senior citizens living in their own homes and they try to live there till as long as they can, they would eventually have to make the move to a place where they can be taken care of.

Here are 5 reasons why assisted living facilities are the right choice for elderly:


1.     They are not nursing homes

While many people use both these terms interchangeably, they are entirely two different things.

Assisted living facilities provide more freedom and independent living options coupled with extra help for the elderly in order to do their daily activities, whereas a nursing home is more medically focused and has nurses checking up on the elderly.

Assisted living is a better option for the elderly who can still function on their own but need some help from time to time with things. It is a great transition that doesn’t make them feel like they are dependent on medical staff or are helpless. So, in essence, it is like living in a community with people white grown age bracket with help just a call away.


2.     Memory care available

Elders, who have memory issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, can benefit from assisted living because many centers are specifically designed for these type residents. Although this option is not suitable for people with an extreme case of memory loss, people with mild or early symptoms can easily live there.

The staff at assisted living facilities is well trained and equipped to handle any situation related to patients with these issues and provide excellent memory care.


3.     Bringing your own things

Many assisted living facilities to allow the elderly to bring their things because they know how valuable and important their belongings are to them. They won’t have to give up on their mementos, furniture and can even bring along pets!

Parting ways with the things they loved the most are not something they will have to face while moving into an assisted living center.


4.     Social life

Seniors won’t ever feel lonely at an assisted living facility because there will be other people their own age whom they can regularly interact with should they wish. There are social activities and events where they can participate in and can even have their friends and family visit them as often as they can. On the other hand, they can also control their level of privacy if they don’t want to meet people much.


5.     Every assisted living facility is different

There is no fixed standard for the level of services provided at every assisted living center. Some provide memory care, others physiotherapy, while others just residential. You have to first assess what the needs of your loved one are in order to choose the right assisted living facility.

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