5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

While some elderly decide to ‘age in peace’ at home, many choose to be facilitated at assisted living, where elders are given an opportunity to live and are serviced with the daily chores. If you are considering this option for yourself or a loved one but swinging on the ride between yes and no, take a look at these five factors to help you decide better:


Home ownership is not only expensive, but comes with constant care and maintenance. Raking leaves in the fall and scraping snow in winter to running for groceries and fixing the light bulb all by yourself can be a headache. Furthermore, if you live with a family member who has to support and look after you, and you feel guilty every time you break a plate or fall in the shower, you don’t have to. At an assisted living facility, all is taken care of. A small, manageable apartment with services like housekeeping and laundry will give you good reasons to relax instead of having to worry about the chores.

  1. SAFETY:

One of the major concerns for elderly people living alone at home is safety. From burglaries to medical mishaps, a constant watch is important-which may not be available at home. Assisted communities promise a secure and comfortable environment for seniors, with secure entrances, alert systems in apartments and emergency call system. Direct care staff is also available throughout the day to offer assistance to your loved one.


Assisted living is a great opportunity for building new relationships with staff, fellow residents, and even volunteers. Along with lots of chatter, residents experience group activities, like book clubs, exercise classes and cooking courses which enhance their health, mobility, and other factors.


Assisted living communities offer transportation services designed to shuttle your loved one everywhere, from local shopping centers to community events, with door-to-door service. Transportation can also be arranged for medical appointments. If your aging loved one is worried about mobility, the availability of on-site transportation may help make the move a bit more appealing.


Speaking of socialization, mealtimes offer an ideal environment for staving off feelings of loneliness. But that’s not the only reason why the dining experience is important. Because appetites often decrease with age, older adults tend to eat less or select unhealthy options in an effort to avoid the additional time needed to prepare a healthy meal. This is also taken care of at an assisted living facility.

So, these are 5 reasons why you should consider assisted living for your senior loved ones.


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